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Core values: integrity, truth-seeking, innovation

Integrity: Based on sincerity, keep its promises; be sincere to customers, be honest with colleagues, and be loyal to the company;

Responsible for the work, responsible for others, and responsible for themselves.

Truth-seeking: Pursuit of practical results, refusal of empty talk, advocating hard work, and refraining from all forms of formalism.

Innovation: Move from time to time, seize opportunities, and actively seek change.


Quality concept: attention to detail, excellence, pursuit of perfection

Attention to detail: the pursuit of the improvement of the quality of products and services, through the improvement of one detail to reflect perfection.

Excellence: The quality of the products, the excellent product quality is not only a commitment of Zitai people to consumers, but also a strict requirement for themselves. There is no end to the improvement in product and service quality.

Market Outlook: Customer First, Leading Demand, Value-added Services

Customer First: The customer is an important asset of Zitai, and the customer's requirements are used as the working standard to continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Talent View: Seeking Talent and Gathering Suntech Heavy Energy

Seeking wisdom and wisdom: Talent is the first element of enterprise development. Zitai insists on inspiring talents through the cause, concentrating talents with culture, and using people from all directions.

Suntech's heavy energy: employees are wealth, and Zitai is a talented and talented person as the standard for selecting talents, so that people can do their best.

Yucai Daren: Cultivating and cultivating high-quality, professional employees is the mission of Zitai; the company builds a broad stage for talents to display their talents, and allows value-creating people to share their value and make the best use of it.


Shandong Zitai New Material Co., Ltd.

The company has a strong technical force and has formed a group of backbone teams led by senior technical personnel such as engineers, senior electrical engineers and mechanics, providing reliable technical guarantees for the operation of the company's color coating production line and product quality

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